21 July, 2024


Develop the education in ASPU

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The Most Educational Way to Sum Up the Winter Holidays

The best form of vacation for students is spending active and busy days under one roof; guided by this principle the Pedagogical University united its 70 students at the educational base in Aghavnadzor. Students with outstanding academic progress from 10 Faculties, who have been active, and who participated in the four-day war of April, are spending together the last five days of their winter break in a busy schedule on 3-8 February. Wake-up, morning exercise, breakfast, sports activities, dinner, watching a movie, learning national dances, competitions, supper, disco; this is the mandatory schedule for the day, which is also replenished with meetings with representatives from various fields. At their leisure...

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Reception of Master's Degree at Pedagogical University

Apply for the June 10-August 25 training and June 10-September 10 for distance learning. For more details call 010 59 70 69.

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ASPU Lecturer Attended Seminar

Recently, within the framework of the TRIF (Theory of Solving Inventory Problems) pedagogy, New Generation Education International has organized a seminar for educators in Moscow. The aim of the seminar was to familiarize the wide range of pedagogues with the theoretical basics, tools and techniques of TRIF pedagogy. Attached to the seminar were 3 free places to participate and participants were to be selected by motivation letter. One of them was Arevik Khugeyan, a lecturer at the Chair of Preschool Pedagogy and Methodology at the ASPU Faculty of Primary Education. The seminar, attended by about 20 representatives of different cities of Russia, was equipped with theoretical and practical assignments. In an int...

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Certificates for Diaspora Armenian Teachers

Today, certificates were awarded to Diaspora Armenian teachers who are trained at the Pedagogical University. The head of the Department of Foreign Relations and Diaspora of the Ministry of Diaspora Arkady Papoyan congratulated the teachers on the completion of the project. Welcoming the participants of the 1-month training program, Arkady Papoyan expressed hope that the acquired abilities and skills will be targeted. “This is important both for us and for you. We need your support to understand what our educational institutions in the Diaspora need. I am sure that the days spent in Armenia will be unforgettable and will bring the reality of history as a reminder of the homeland. Rest assured, we are with...

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