14 April, 2024


The Most Educational Way to Sum Up the Winter Holidays


The best form of vacation for students is spending active and busy days under one roof; guided by this principle the Pedagogical University united its 70 students at the educational base in Aghavnadzor. Students with outstanding academic progress from 10 Faculties, who have been active, and who participated in the four-day war of April, are spending together the last five days of their winter break in a busy schedule on 3-8 February. Wake-up, morning exercise, breakfast, sports activities, dinner, watching a movie, learning national dances, competitions, supper, disco; this is the mandatory schedule for the day, which is also replenished with meetings with representatives from various fields. At their leisure time the students are united over music, singing, disco and get-togethers near fire. Thanks to the active pastime and full rest, the students will start their new year with better vigour. The free winter vacation, arranged for already ten years, is an interesting method of exchange of experience, thoughts and ideas, it is also an exciting way of making new connections, as well as an element of educational activity. It is the most educative form of summarizing the winter break that is also a wonderful option to get to know people studying at the same educational institution. The third-year student of the Faculty of Culture Ani Kirakosyan has already managed to make friends with other students. Within only 24 hours such warm atmosphere was established that made all of us become friends”. The fourth-year student of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Elen Samvelyan agrees with Ani’s idea about the unity of students of various faculties. “Due to the professional organization we manage to do everything during the day, including discussions, intellectual games, student meetings, and at the same time we obtained new circle of friends”. All conditions are in place for students to have safe and secure holidays. Particularly, the students speak with special satisfaction of fresh and diverse food; everybody agreed that the food was tasty, useful and pleasant. Each meal was prepared with healthy dietary instructions and in accordance with the time of the day. The student of the Faculty of Culture Elen Nikoghosyan is excited with the vacation accommodations; “This break is the best opportunity for the students to have rest. With the positive vibes gained we will start the year better prepared and filled with new ideas.” In addition, the Student Council had an active role in organization of the vacation; the Committees thereof arranged a wide-scope of leisure events for students. The students’ activities continue at the Aghavnadzor educational base. The vacations will finish on 7 February, and the students will start a new academic term all rested and full of positive vibes.